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Print on the go with our new app for iPhone. 


Why use the app?

If you have an iphone, the app will give you a much richer and complete experience than the mobile ready version of the site.  For boring technical reasons, we had to de-activate the editing and filtering component of the mobile site. But on the native app version, it's there in all it's glory so you can crop, edit and filter your images just like the desktop version.


Are all the products on the app?

We took the decision to omit our range of art and designs from the app.  It's completely focused on photo printing.  Right now, the app will allow you to order canvas prints, framed prints, photo prints, wood mounts and collage prints on canvas. iTunes prints are also there but we'd advise you to order this product on the desktop version of the site so you can move your albums around to exactly where you want them. As we expand our product range on the main site, we'll get them up on the app just as soon as we can. 


Why use the app (again)?

We built the app on Shopify - just like our main site.  This means that discount codes and gift cards all work on the app and over time, we will be able to add features like log-in and order history.  Doing it this way has been hard but it's also right - over time it will mean a better app and a better service for you, our beloved customers. 


All great, but I don't have an iPhone.

The Android version is in development.  It's easier to start with iphone and then develop for Android.  We don't anticipate too long a wait - hopefully we should be ready to release by late summer on Android. 


How do i find the app?

The easiest way is to simply go to the App Store on your phone and search for Canvas Prints, Framed Prints or Instagram Prints.  Or do a search for The Canvas Works.  Make sure you're running at least version 8 of iOS - preferably the most up to date version would be best. 



This is just the beginning of our app development program. We've got lots of work to do to make the app as good as our site. And that's exactly what we're going to do. 



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Canvas - Framed - Wood Mount - Poster



What our customers say:

Lisa McLoughlin bought a regular photo on canvas from The Canvas Works

You guys NEVER let me down. Yet another top quality canvas delivered today that Im 100% delighted with. And I have to say, as for the quality of service you provide. I have not dealt with any other company in any field that delivers the quality of customer service that you guys do.

Lisa McLoughlin bought a regular photo on canvas from The Canvas Works

Ruth Kennedy bought a Warhol print on canvas from The Canvas Works

The picture arrived this morning, thanks so much for all your help I can’t wait to give it to them tomorrow for their wedding present. I’ve no doubt I’ll be ordering another in the future.

Ruth Kennedy bought a Warhol print on canvas from The Canvas Works

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