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  • Framed Prints Ireland
  • Framed Prints Ireland

Framed Prints Ireland - Print and Frame Your Photos Online

These days The Canvas Works is known as much for the quality and range of our framed prints as our canvas prints. Patrick is still very hands on in the gallery and enjoys the photo framing process - it's a more complicated and involved process. Our customers often prefer the timeless quality of a photo that has been printed and framed.

As our online photo printing and framing service has grown, we've added more framed prints sizes and today we have one of the widest range of framed prints sizes in Ireland. We have also added new paper choices so today you can order framed prints using our standard photo paper or a premium fine art paper.

At The Canvas Works, we believe the key to a successful online print and frame service is to keep things simple. Therefore we continue to offer a simple choice of black or limed white frames and concentrate on using premium materials with a focus on hand finishing and attention to the details. These are things that make our framed prints so special.

Customer reviews for our photo printing and framinig service consistently achieves five stars on Goolge reviews.You can read the customer reviews at the bottom of this page. For advice on a photo before you order a framed print, just email us the image and we'll get back to you.

Contemporary Picture Frames Ireland

About Our Contemporary Picture Frames - Quality Counts

There's a key difference between framed prints and canvas prints and that is the fact that with framed prints, the actual picture frame - the moulding - is visible and indeed is central to the overall impression the framed print makes. With a canvas print, the frame is hidden behind the canvas.

Therefore, with framed prints, the quality of the moulding really does matter. The depth of the picture frame, the assembly, the finish of the paint, the look of the profile of the frame - all these factors will determine the success of your photo printing and framing project. We've spent almost 15 years working with framed prints, different frame suppliers and trying different techniques for producing our framed prints. We're highly experienced framed print specialists so your photo printing and framing job is in safe hands with The Canvas Works.

We source all our picture frames, adhesive, picture mounts and glazing from the same supplier right here in West Cork. Our approach to framed prints is to keep it simple, modern and elegant. Our standard picture frame for framed prints measures 2cm on the face and 3.2cm deep. The smallest size framed print comes with a strut back so you can stand your framed print up on shelf or sideboard. All our framed prints come ready to hang with picture frame hooks on the reverse.

Our larger framed print sizes over 60x40cm come with a width of 2.8cm on the face and 3.8cm on the side.

Quality Framed Prints Ireland

Beautifully Finished Photo Framed Prints By The Canvas Works

If you want to get a quick sense of how seriously we take making our framed prints, flip the frame over and have a look at the back of the framed print. You'll see we take the same level of pride and care on the reverse as we do on the front, with everything taped down, hanging brackets applied and the back nicely stamped.

This is especially important if your framed print is a gift for someone special - and many of our printed and framed photo prints are gifts for special occassions like birthdays and christmas.

For framed prints finished with care and pride on the front and the back, you can rely on The Canvas Works. 

Premium Framed Prints Ireland

Framed Prints on Fine Art Paper and Extra Wide Mounts

The standard photo paper we use for our framed prints is a 250gsm satin lustre which gives lovely results for everyday photo printing and framing. This photo paper has a satin finish - ie not too shiny and not totally matte.

For extra speical photos that need a premium framed print finish, we now offer an enhanced 310 gsm fine art paper choice and on selected sizes, the option of selecting a wider mount. Select our fine art paper framed prints for wedding photos or for special occassions like anniversaries or Christmas. And for artists who are looking for a high quality fine art paper to reproduce their artwork, our fine art paper is the ideal choice.

Framed Collage Prints Ireland

Ireland's Framed Print Collage Experts

We've always seen a great interest from our customers in framed collage prints. Historically, we offered bespoke collage framed prints where we created a custom layout and printed the collage in a single aperture frame. With the latest version of our site, we added multi-aperture framed print collages where each photo in the collage is printed in its own mount.

Multi-aperture framed print collages are perfect for presenting a set of images such as wedding photos, studio photography sessions or a series of images with a common theme such as a family re-union or special holiday.

And we still offer our custom framed print collages via theframeworks.ie

Framed Printing Photo Paper

Selecting The Right Photo Paper For Your Framed Prints

As we've already touched on, our standard photo paper for our framed photo prints range is a Satin Lustre 250gms paper. This is a great every day online photo printing and framing paper that gives great results on our Epson printers combined with Epson's latest archival pigment ink set.

In additon, for special occasions or photos, or for artists who want to make giclee prints of their artwork, you can now order framed prints with our premium fine art photo paper which is a 310gms matte fine art paper. This paper is creamier, heavier and is printed with Epson's matte black ink rather than their photo black ink.

Simply select upgrade for paper type to elevate your framed print with our premium Fine Art Paper.

Free Delivery of Framed Prints

All Framed Prints Come With Free Delivery in Ireland

A few words here to assure you about the care we take in shipping our framed prints - not just in Ireland but around the world. We're highly experienced at safely packing and shipping framed prints around the world so you can be absolutely confident your framed print will arrive in perfect condition. 

Every framed print is generously bubble wrapped and we use shatter-proof acrylic glazing for all our photo printing and framing for extra safety.  We work with a local supplier of framed print boxes which are perfectly designed for even our biggest framed print sizes.

And if the worst happens and your framed print gets damaged or lost in transit - we simply replace it no questions asked and at no cost to you.

    Questions and answers about framed prints

    What Are Framed Prints?

    A framed print is high-quality print of a photograph or artwork that is mounted in a frame. They are a popular choice for decorating homes and offices, and offer a classic, polished look that can add a personal touch to any room.

    How do I Get my Photo Printed and Framed in Ireland?

    Your first step in prinitng your photo online is to make sure your photo is the right resolution. If you're unsure you can email it to us before you order your framed print and we will check it for you .

    How do I Choose the Right Frame For My Print?

    Consider the style of the room where you intend to hang your framed print and the overall aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve; and match to the colour, material and style of frame. A simple, modern frame tends to work well in most spaces.

    What Printed Frame Sizes and Styles Do You Offer?

    We use a locally supplied contemporary moulding with a width of 20mm and depth of 32mm for print sizes of 60x40cm sizes. Larger framed prints, sizes above 60x40cm, 28mm for larger sizes, width of 28mm on the face and depth of 38mm on the sides.

    Can Framed Prints Be Customised?

    Yes, we offer custom options for both the print and the frame, including size, frame material, and mount size.

    What Paper Options Are Available for Framed Prints?

    You can choose between our standard 260 gsm Satin Lustre paper or our premium 310 gsm Fine Art Paper if you want to give your framed print an extra special finish. 

    Should I Choose Standard or Fine Art Paper for Framed Prints?

    Standard paper is typically a high-quality photo paper with a satin or glossy finish, while fine art paper is thicker with a matte finish, which gives a more sophisticated look and feel. 

    How Should I Care For My Framed Prints?

    Framed prints should be kept out of direct sunlight, dusted regularly, and cleaned using a soft, damp cloth only. Avoid using harsh chemicals on the glass or acrylic cover which can affect the artwork. 

    How Does The Canvas Works Ensure Safe Delivery of Framed Prints?

    We're highly experienced at safely packing and shipping or framed prints Each print is generously bubble wrapped and we use shatter-proof acrylic glazing to ensure your framed print arrives in perfect condition.