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posted by , 19 AUG 2014

It's a question we get asked on an almost weekly basis. "Will this photo make a good canvas print?" Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the question usually means something entirely different.  It's not really about whether the photo makes a good canvas print; what's usually meant is "Should I print this on canvas at all?" or "What do you think of this photo?". I try to offer constructive advice on a photo but I rarely think in terms of whether a particular image is suitable for a canvas print or not.  Here's my take: if you like the photo and it means something to you or it will mean something to its intended recipient, it will make a good canvas print.  Photos, in my opinion, are not inherently suitable for a canvas print over a framed print or a wood mount print.  True, there are sometimes some fine details in a photo that make it particularly suitable for a smoother media like a photo paper - but that's very rare in my experience.  Typically a good photo will print well across all media options - canvas print or not.

So the next time you're wondering whether your photo will make a good canvas print or not - just ask yourself this question: Do I like the photo and is it of sufficient quality (in terms of resolution) to enlarge? If so, nine times out of ten it will make a great canvas print and you will be delighted with the final print.  Easy! If you're still not sure though, e-mail it to us and ask us the question - we'd be delighted to check it out and give you our opinion.