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posted by , 11 MAY 2014


Like most merchants who move to Shopify, we seem to have become brand evangelists for them.  It's a beautiful platform that is a pleasure to use every day.  Even accounting for the fact that our old system was from the dark ages and had none of the functionality you'd expect from a modern e-commerce platform, there is something really addictive about using Shopify.  

Since the start of the year when we decided to move to Shopify and begin the task of finding an expert to develop our custom theme and printing web app, we've been telling anyone who'd listen how great Shopify is.  So imagine my surprise when one day in April of this year, three fairly cool looking hipster young guys walk into our gallery Kinsale and get chatting to me.  They asked me if we delivered to Canada and I said "Sure we do - in fact Canada is where new e-commerce platform is based." The looked at me with surprise and said "Shopify?" to which I replied "Oh, you know them?" "Yeah, sort of - we work for Shopify".  At times like this, I'm reminded that 1. we live in a seriously small world and 2. I live and work in a seriously great town like Kinsale - a place that is a brand in itself and a must visit for people from all over the world.

It was real pleasure to meet Nick McDonald and Joshua Gosse from Shopify - they've been super helpful since then and said some very nice things about our prints!.  It also got me thinking - if Shopify is serious about growing their business in Europe, they really ought to take a look at locating their European HQ in Dublin.  Ireland is a perfect fit for Shopify - a great talent pool, a vibrant capital city, a very supportive business environment backed and a very favourable corporate tax regime which is the centre-piece of the inward investment policy of the Irish government.  Ireland has succeeded in attracting almost all the top tech names including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Google, Ebay, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and many more.  Even Squarespace is in Dublin.  

So come on Shopify, get over to Ireland and set up your European HQ here and hopefully we'll see more of your very friendly and helpful staff members down in Kinsale.