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posted by , 11 MAY 2014

One of the big advances on our brand new website is our integration with and in this short post, I'm going to explain a little about what makes it so useful and how we came to use it.

I first came across it while working with a company called Instacanvas.  They're based in California and as their (then) name suggested, they turn your instagram pics into great canvas prints.  Instacanvas (now rebranded as Twenty20) contacted us a couple of years back to see if we could fulfill their European orders for them.  They were on a huge growth curve and were doing a lot of orders every day.  Of course, we said yes, worked out a deal and became their sole supplier of canvas prints for Europe.  In retrospect, I'm not sure what we or they were thinking - it was clearly too much work for us to handle and we eventually parted ways - very amicably.  I still keep an eye on them and they appear to be going from strength to strength - but they needed a serious volume supplier and we weren't it.

Anyway, their site was pretty impressive and one of the features of it was this great little bridge between their site and all the places where people store their images.  That bridge was - a nifty little program that links into all the API's of the big photo storage players such as facebook, dropbox, picassa and google drive.  Now, to build this sort of functionality ourselves would be a difficult and expensive - you're talking about some serious security hoops you need to jump through and working with the API's of the likes of facebook does not come cheap.  Filepicker does it all.  

You simply allow Filepicker to connect to your account, sign in with your username and password and hey presto - all your images are available for use on our site.  So wherever your photo is stored, you get quick and easy access to turn it into a beautiful canvas print, framed print, wood mount or poster.  

We're continuing to research what else we can do with Filepicker - next up is trying to handle custom collages in real time, using filepicker to select the images and build the collage.  We'll update on our blog if and when we sort that.  In the meantime, we hope finding and uploading your image for your photo print will be breeze thanks to the superb

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